Code Category Cost (VAT excl.)
TC01 Employment income only, no travel allowance R 850,00 Per Return
TC02 Employment income with travel allowance R 950,00 Per Return
TC03 Additional classes of income, such as share transactions, rental property, commission etc. R 50,00 Per Item
TC04 Zero tax return submission (Where the taxpayer was unemployed and did not receive any local or foreign income). R 200,00 Per Return
TC05 Checking if the SARS assessment is correct, based on what was submitted and giving advice on it R 180,00 Per Assessment
TC06 Tax deductions, such as retirement annuities, income protection, medical aid, wear and tear, other expenses. R 100,00 Per Return
TC07 Provisional tax returns R450.00 – R1,800.00 Per Submission
TC08 Individual tax return for Non-Residents in South Africa, including exemption based on days outside of RSA R1,800.00 – R2,800.00 Rate depends on complexity of the return and per submission
TC09 Individual tax return for South African expatriates claiming exemption based on section10(1)(o)(ii) R1,800.00 – R4,500.00 Rate depends on complexity of the return and per submission
TC10 To register a taxpayer with SARS to obtain a tax number. This includes administration costs. R 350,00 Per Registration
TC11 Objection against an incorrect SARS assessment. (This is for the initial objection only. Additional costs for follow-up and escalating the objection can be raised and depends on the time spent. R 550,00 Per Objection

Tax Assessments: Checking SARS assessment, statement of account and confirming payments included in fee, dealing with tax refunds, other than standard objections for administrative errors and SARS audits agreed and invoiced seperately. No extra charge for submitting supporting documents requested by SARS.

Note: Fees are Subject to information provided completely and first time correct basis, accounts for rental trade and CGT events being complete and in correct format.